LeadBox IT Company is a business consultant agency featuring large range of Lead Marketing services.The policy is subjected to LeadBox IT Company’s gathering and controlling of personal data covered under Privacy Act. It is not expected to cover categories of data which are not under Privacy Act.By accessing LeadBox IT Company website at leadboxit.com that includes all related web pages, you are undertaking practices featured in the policy.

What private data is gathered?

LeadBox IT Company gathers private information from current clients, potential customers and even anonymous visitors to our site.  This is to enable you have a customized, friendly and enhanced experience.

LeadBox IT Company gathers recognizable data from clients, prospect customers when they visit our website or any of the web pages/ Landing page. The information we collect usually contain Personal data like Name, Organizational designation of an entity, Address, Email Id, Contact info.

When we get a customer enquiring additional information about us, we may ask to fill in additional Personal information such as Job Title, department name, Organization name, FAX no, annual revenues, market spends etc. More personalized experience is provided with request of demographic information and unique identifiers.

Cookies and Automatic Information

When you access our website using cookies, there is a certain sort of data we receive and record. Our server logs automatically receives and store “traffic data” such as IP address, Marketo cookie information, your requested page and your interaction and communication with contemporary sites. Apparently this “Traffic data” is used in diagnosis of server issues and analysis of trends.

Usage information like number and frequency of visitors to Leadboxit.com is automatically collected. We may use this data for research, advice and information, without limitation for the purpose of benchmarking.

Several organizations let you visit websites anonymously but here, we, LeadBox IT Company will not be able to give you the personalized experience if we can’t identify you. We want you to be aware of the availability of such programs.

E-mail Communications

If your computer supports certain program, we may get a confirmation when you open an e-mail from The LeadBox IT Company. We may as well send emails with information about LeadBox IT Company in order to make it more interesting and helpful. However, you can always opt out of being contacted by sending a mail to the leadboxit info@leadboxit.com.

Uses of The received and recorded information?

  • Providing services
  • Respond efficiently to one’s request/query
  • Maintaining contact with existing clients and prospect customers.
  • In order to keep clients up to date with our service offerings, industry development, seminars and other events that may be of their interest.
  • To invite people to participate in Research, Surveys and case studies.
  • Invoicing and account management for general management and reporting purposes.
  • Miscellaneous purposes subjected to business.

If we are found to collect or use personal data in ways apart from as stated in this policy, we will ensure we do so agreeable to the requirements of the Privacy Act.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The LeadBox IT Company will not disclose any personal data to other companies unless:

  • Law requirements
  • We believe it necessary to give you your requested product or service.
  • You agree with it.

 Sharing of non-personal, de-identified and aggregated information except as set out in this policy, is only entertained for research or promotional reasons. We never sell or trade personal information to third parties, or allow them to use that private information.

Security:- We take all reasonable steps (including the deployment of security systems and procedures) to ensure all data received and recorded by us is safe and secure. To prevent any unauthorized access we use security measures including physical protection and electronic encryption.

Quality:- We ensure any data that is collected and used is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

Access and correction

  • You have a right to access your personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law. For accessing your personal information, you can contact us at info@leadboxit.com. We have the right to charge a fee for searching and providing access to your data.
  • Retention and Destruction
  • We will retain information collected indefinitely. Upon your request and where we determine, acting reasonably, that personal information held in respect of an individual is no longer needed for our functions or the services we provide, we will permanently destroy or de-identify that information.
  • Modification to the policy
  • We may from time to time review and amend this Privacy Policy. Please visit our website regularly for an up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy.
  • Additional information
  • Any enquiries in relation to this Privacy Policy should be directed to info@leadboxit.com.