This service shapes the center of sales enablement at LeadBox IT. From sales analytics, telesales to sales training and sales process automation, Intelligent DB management frames the bedrock on which these services are assembled. As a Service, Intelligent DB management takes after an innovation helped technology, that is composed around the focal point of furnishing the client with a substantial pool of database and focus in on the following new customer.

Whitespace Discovery

  • Use innovation to find undiscovered customer database
  • Increment Market size and customer reach
  • Increment net new client acquisitions and create greatest sales impact

Database Cleaning - Reducing noise

  • Focus in on data redundancies
  • Technology driven data validation utilizing both disconnected and online assets
  • Upgrade data intelligence for maximized revenue

Database profiling

  • Assess and Analyze data buckets
  • Advance database with analytics driven bits of knowledge
  • Keep up data quality and screen future data patterns